Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amber!!

Amber turned 17 this past Monday. She had some friends in from Indiana over the weekend. We had Dan's sister, Cheryl, and nephew, Ryan, here also. We did have a blast!! I tell ya, these teens will keep you hoppin'! Saturday we played volleyball. Sunday night, we had Dave & Pattie, Wes & Jen, David and Jessica Hartkopf after church. The kids played Swap. Monday we played PIT. Have you ever seen an adrenaline rush in action??? I got so tickled, watching Ryan, my nephew. Whenever he almost had a "corner" in Pit, his face would get red and he would start to talk louder and louder. It was hilarious!!

Many thanks to Wes and Jen for reviving the ancient game of Pit. They picked the game up for us at an amish store up north. I hadn't played it in years.

We had Amber's actual b-day dinner Monday evening. I had found some simple firefly decor, which we used for the theme.

With all the hoopla, I didn't get as many pictures of everyone as I would have liked, but we certainly do have memories to last a lifetime!

Here's Amber with her gift from her "special someone". If you look closely you can see the "Indianapolis Colts" chain around its neck. It's so adorable... If only she can keep our dog, Buddy, away from it. He acted like he thought it was a toy for himself. That didn't go over very well, as you can imagine.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Mine is busy. I have taken on several housecleaning jobs. We've been enjoying wonderful Michigan weather, and are looking forward to a family vacation to Gatlinburg in about 3 weeks.