Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Revival with the Millers

It was such a delight to have Rev. & Mrs. Henry & Jan Miller with us last week in Revival at our church. Their sweet spirit in ministry was an awesome welcome to our church congregation. On Friday night, Bro. Miller told his life story of his amish background and how God led his parents into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. On Sunday morning he preached a "Masterpiece " of a sermon from the title, "We have an altar". They sing so beautifully and with such ease. Some may not know of Jan's musical background. She is so talented, with an ear for music, as well as an education from Cincinnati Conservatory.


Patty said...

We start revival with the Millers tonight. They are some of my favorite people. I am looking forward to their ministry this week.

Karen Walden said...

We had them last year and really enjoyed them too! They are such sweet people!

Cheryl Watters said...

I wanted to attend one of the services so bad but didn't make it. Too bad we weren't closer. I'd love to get together with you.