Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Joann's 90% Off Sale

For anyone who might be interested, I thought I would mention that Joann's Christmas Decor just went on sale for 90% off. This has not happened with left-over stock for quite some time. They have not been reducing beyond 75%. The rest has then been donated to the Salvation Army. I understand that stores have had a lot of Christmas merchandise left this year, that is why the switch in this policy has taken place. There are some great deals, especially on spools of ribbon, wreaths and garland. Our store is a Super Store with model status. I don't know how much merchandise the regular Joanns Stores will have left.
So... if you're not experiencing (as we are) the start of a "predicted" 7-10 inches of snow today... if you can even bring your eyes to look at Christmas decor again this soon after-the-fact... head on over to Joanns! I'm just SO ready to have it GONE! The fly-away glitter and the little red berries detaching from their stems have long since lost their attraction! :-)

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Denise said...

Good deal! I should try to get over to ours and see what they have left! I'm always on the scout for a bargain. :)