Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back at home/Retreat Part 2

Monday dawned bright and clear, but it wasn't long before the reality check set in... Doesn't that seem to be the way it happens sometimes after being gone for vacation or a few days away? Clogged sinks, unpacking, mounds of laundry, and a "not so well" husband (he's been having problems with his legs due to the diabetes). The pieces in my neat little package were definitely wiggling, but it's OK. I'm not complaining. As much as I enjoyed myself at the retreat, I was very excited and ready to see my family after being gone for three days!

Sarah Fry touched on this subject of life in the real world the first night of the retreat. She said, "God has created cycles and seasons and He doesn't intend for everything to be perfect." And... "when we think we have it all together, we may be leaving God out of the picture."

I admit, I'm one who likes to have my ducks all in a row.... but since that doesn't happen very often, I guess I might as well find some enjoyment in the chaos! Ha!

On Sat. afternoon of the retreat, Valerie Quesenberry spoke on the topic "Touching My Sister- Connecting Through Technology". She had so many neat thoughts on the subject. The one I liked the best was: Bloggers have a higher education than average. :+) We may not have thought of it in this light before, but blogging is the back fence of the 21st century. Even though, blogging and e-mail will never replace face to face relationships, these are ways to be connected. There's no doubt about it, women need connection! I can relate, because I have certainly enjoyed catching up with old friends and some of my distant family via the bloggerworld. Along the way, I'll probably be "dropping" some of the new blogging words Valerie left with us, but for now I'd better take her advice and..... "Keep it short". (I think I already failed on that one.)

More photos:
Photo 1: First Night Sharing and Prayer Time

Photo 2: Session Speaker: Valerie Quesenberry

Photo 2: A snapshot of Melissa Gresham receiving a hug from Ruth Dotson.

Photo 4: Lorena Glick and Me

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Cheryl Watters said...

Great post, Leah! I enjoyed reading about the retreat and also the pictures. You are a beautiful writer. Love ya girl!