Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catching Up... The Grays Visit

It's almost hard to know where to start, as we were away for our camp meeting the last two weeks of June, and then made a trip back to Indiana over July 4th weekend. One of the highlights of this past month was the Sunday after Jen and Wes were married. We had several members of the Gray family at church on Sunday. Dan had asked Sylvan to give his life story.

It is a very moving account of a prodigal son who found his way back to Father's house. It certainly is a "faith booster" too. His parents pleaded over his soul, and God was faithful!

We felt so privileged to have Bro. & Sis. Eugene Gray in our home for Sunday dinner once again. And Sylvan was a hoot! We just had a blast with them! Sis. Gray fell in love with our dog, Buddy. She's quite an animal lover. Sylvan was fighting with Clayton over the last few pieces of sugar cream pie. And finally said he was taking home the last piece- and he did! Ha! Well, it wasn't quite that bad, especially since it was his and he was actually sharing with the others... We gave pies to the fathers for Father's Day and he just happened to get my sugar cream pie. He must love sugar cream pie, so it worked out very well.

Here are a few pics from that special day. The first is another memory to add to our hearts.

Just proving, Amber isn't too old to still receive one of Bro. Gray's dollar bills. (As Conf. Pres., when he would come to visit, the kids would always receive a dollar or two from him.)

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