Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Happy Pirate

Dave and Pattie Hartkopf had us over for pizza Halloween night, and Clayton dressed up like a pirate. He went trick or treating in their neighborhood. I knew that I didn't want to put much money into a costume. Pattie had suggested that he be a pirate. I went to the Dollar Store and found a kit that had the eye patch, ear ring, and a hook for him to hold in his hand. Then I bought the bandana and Amber figured out how to tie it to fit the occasion. He wore the white shirt and black pants, with a sword on his side. So all in all I only paid $2.00. Not bad! People seemed to like his costume. Some of the men would answer the door and say, "Aaargh!" He also received comments like, "Ahoy, Matey!", and "Here's a happy pirate." It was a fun night!


Tamra said...

He makes a cute pirate...and spending $2.00 on a costume would make any momma happy!!

Karen Walden said...

My boys would love his outfit! For some reason, they are into pirates right now too!

Melanie C. said...

Love the get-up!