Friday, November 7, 2008

"Such a Time as This"

I have noticed that many blogging friends have been weighing in with post election topics. I've also noticed that nearly everyone has, in some way or another, turned back to the foundational truths of our faith... our hope is in God alone, our future is bright in Him and we will trust Him come what may. I've found comfort here!
I've been having such wonderful conversations with a Catholic lady for whom I work. (We were equally disappointed that proposal two was not defeated here in MI. It was a proposition for embryonic stem cells to be used for research in a number of ways.) As I understand it, she has only recently been permitted by the Catholic priests to read the Scriptures. So many things are coming to light for her. It's just wonderful! She says she wants to surround herself with all that is holy. Yesterday, we talked about these historic times and what it means to us as Americans. No one seems to deny the extraordinary events taking place today!
I'll admit to being a bit anxious as to what the future might hold; however, I was encouraged this morning when I read a devotional so pertinent for today. I was reminded that I was placed here "for such a time as this!!" I love the story of Queen Esther! I'm sure she had some misgivings about her tremendous tasks and unrevealed future, but she didn't cower to Satan and his tactics. She faced it with God on her side and she was an over comer!!

I'll leave you with an excerpt from the last paragraph of the devotional by Carol Hobbs:

"My life is not a fairy tale, but my story begins with "once upon a time" and ends with "they lived happily ever after." Between the "once upon a time," and the "happily ever after," there is a life to live and you and I are here "for such a time as this!"
The Christian's life on earth is "once upon a time" and heaven will be our "happily ever after."


Kim M. said...

So true. Thank you for the reminder!

Kathy said...

I just came across your blog by hitting the "next blog" button at the top of the page.

I have really struggled since the election at how all of this could happen (presidential election). Thank you for the reminder that God has not left us, just as he did not leave Esther. He placed her in a royal position so that she could save her people. But she definitely had to walk by faith. We also have to remember that she did so without the benefit of having Jesus as her savior. We have so much comfort from knowing Jesus and the love and forgiveness that he brings.
In Him, Kathy