Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Gentle Reminder From My Teenager

Today, Amber and I were at our bank drive-thru. My patience was wearing thin and I voiced it by saying how it seems the tellers are slow at this particular bank and I always have to wait. Amber responded by saying, "Life is too short to....." I thought maybe she was going to say, "... to spend your life sitting at the bank." Ha! Instead she was saying, "Life's too short to spend time complaining about something such as this (beyond my control)." Thanks, Amber, for that reminder! God used it to cause me to stop and think of how few my complaints should really be in light of His wonderful blessings. Also, a good laugh was brought about by the whole discussion. (Just between us.)

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a Gift!

That's why it's called The Present!

Lord, help me to unwrap it in such a way that I try to make the very best of each and every moment possible.

1 comment:

Denise said...

Well, you must be doing your job right if she's reminding you.....!! :) That's a compliment to both of you.

(BTW, she's a beautiful young lady!)