Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Buddy" Update

As of this coming Thursday, we have had our dog, Buddy, for 4 months. I was looking over the picture I took of him right after we brought him home and realized there is quite a difference in him. After having him groomed now (twice), he does look different! His fur on his face, feet, and tail, were so stained when we got him.


After his last short haircut, his fur came in snow white. It's hard to believe the difference! Also, his demeanor is so different now. He was really deprived when we found him. (His story is in an earlier post.) He has warmed up to us very well and loves to cuddle. If one of us is gone for a time, we get the biggest "welcome home party" when we arrive back. (I'm trying to make a case for how wonderful a dog can be for my cousin's son, Bryson! Ha!)

Black and White

Sepia (Somehow Amber's camera got messed up with all these different tones. I would have preferred these in color, but, oh well.)

Just after Buddy's last haircut.


Tamra said...

Buddy's a very cute dog, and I like his haircuts. We just got an email yesterday from the breeder saying our future dog's momma was in heat and had been bred twice. (That was kind of a funny email to receive - made me want to laugh.) But let's hope it worked. Bryson is getting a little impatient. :) Hope ours will be a good dog like Buddy.

Leah said...

I'm so happy for Bryson!!! It sounds like it's in the works then. I didn't know you had one already in the plans. Bryson will love it!! I'm so happy for him. He's at a great age to get a dog.