Saturday, April 19, 2008

Miracles and Praise!!!

Well, as of May 2nd this blog will be 6 months old. I have enjoyed posting details of exciting events, some achievements of my kids, and even some discouraging happenings (See "The Disappearing Act" OR "It's All My Fault" posts).
This post might be a bit different, but I wanted to publicly extol Jesus Christ for 2 major miracles which have taken place within this past week! These miracles aren't within our family, but have to do with people near and dear to us. The first one I won't go into detail about, but it is MAJOR and God came through above and beyond what we would have asked or thought!! It seemed to be years in the making. We just sat back in awe!!! There is no way for anyone to explain it away!
The second one was concerning a man from our church, Jim Purcell. (I previously mentioned him in one of my posts.) He fell several weeks ago and has had severe injuries from the fall. He had bleeding on the brain and his right side became paralyzed. I was there when the Dr. told us that he would not regain movement in his right leg (maybe in his arm, but not his leg). Jim has been in a rehab center. Today, when Dan talked to him, Jim told Dan that he had moved his previously paralyzed leg 6 inches. This was wonderful news!!!
While I'm at it... I'm very grateful, too, that my Dad wasn't seriously injured this past Wednesday afternoon. He was trying to get a heavy washing machine down a flight of stairs by himself and it started to slip away from him. It went down and he went with it!! It could have been a very terrible situation. He cut his arm and hurt his shin a bit, but otherwise he's fine!
I love the line, "Miracles still happen where there is childlike trust." I know that I have fallen below "Exhibit A, probably even B and/or C" in the "trusting department" at times, but there's nothing like a miracle to boost the "belief system" once again! May a simple love and faith in Jesus be seen in us! It's ALL about HIM!!!

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