Friday, November 2, 2007

Apple Mania

Tonight, on a whim, I decided to create this blog. I didn't really expect it to take this long... but here I am! I've been inspired by the blogs of so many friends and family members. Reading about your everyday lives has brought a connection we never would have had before.

This past month has been Apple Mania around the Plemmons household. Michigan is one of the top three apple producing states in the nation. We've enjoyed two trips to cider mills, one with our church group and one with our homeschool group. There's nothing like their warm fresh donuts and apple cider! I've found two wonderful new apple recipes, which I will try to share soon. I've never been much for making apple pies, but this year I've made about 5 of them. (Maybe because I've found a crust recipe I really like.) My nephew asked that I make one for the GBS Homecoming Fundraiser.

Our Women of Worth meeting this month was based on the theme "Taste and See". It was held in my home. We had a full course meal: Chicken with Apple Cream Sauce and Rice, Sweet Potato Apple Bake, Sliced Apples with Dip, Apple Waldorf Salad, Candy Apple Salad, Bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. and Topsy Turvy Apple Pie. My outdated "apple" kitchen decor did serve a purpose in creating the setting for our meeting. Most of all, I was reminded once again of these simple truths: God is the source of all goodness. Any goodness we may have is granted to us by God. As God's children, we are reflections of God's goodness to others.


Patty said...

Yeah~A new blogger. Welcome. I am looking forward to being able to "chat" with you more often now.
I like the look of you blog.
Have a great weekend.

Cheryl Watters said...

It was so nice to read your bio and to see that you have entered the blog world. I am afraid I would be one that would flop at blogging and have never tried it. I think I'll just enjoy yours and others. Great job! You are a gifted writer! Love ya, Sister-in-law - You're the best. Cheryl Watters

Sarah said...


Good to have found your site!

Leah said...

Welcome! I enjoy yours too.

christine said...

I never heard of this before, so I'll send this and see what happens. Leah, your WOW meeting was "terrific". Me and Rachel thoroughly enjoyed it.