Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mom Has Part In This Year's Pardoned Turkey!

This Thanksgiving the most "lucky" turkey hailed from none other than Dubois County, Indiana (where my parents live). Following tradition, President Bush pardoned a turkey (actually two turkeys) just before Thanksgiving. The turkey this year will be spared from the 165 degree oven heat and flown first class to the more moderate temperatures at Disney World to live in the backyard of Mickey Mouse's Country House at the Magic Kingdom. The event has been updated in recent years to include a bird-naming contest, with votes cast on the White House Web site. Nominees this year included Wing and Prayer, Wish and Bone, and Tom and Jake. Vice President Cheney's suggestion was Lunch and Dinner. As it turned out, May and Flower were the winning names.

Where does my mom fit into this story? :-) Mom works for an upscale, downtown clothing store, Sieberts, in Jasper. She works full time doing alterations. She altered the man's (Mr. Seger) suit who took the turkey from Dubois County to President Bush. (I believe he is one of the two men standing behind President Bush, along with their mother on the left.) SO, there you have it! :-)

And a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We spent the day as a family. I has asked a widow from our church to join us for dinner, but her family decided to get together. We are blessed and very thankful for God's bountiful care!

Great job, Mom! I'm sure the suit fit very well!


~Heather~ said...

I found your blog off of Leah F.'s blog from Florida.

It was fun reading your blog and seeing the pics. I hope that y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since I'm expecting our 4th baby, and very ill, and we are missionaries to Colombia and way far away from family and friends who could cook for us, we went to McDonald's for Thanksgiving dinner, and our kids LOVED it! =D

Heather and baby! =)

tacomom said...

That is so neat! Congrats to your celebrity mom :)