Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's Sunday! Come and Dine!

I'm on a roll! I decided to continue my blogging streak to make it three days in a row. Certainly don't know how much longer this will continue... Guess it's like a kid with a new toy. Aren't things always more fun when they're new? :-)

Today we enjoyed the company of Michael, Crystal, Kyle and Taylor Mason. They were here representing their upcoming mission work in Mexico. I took a picture, but some who read my blog will receive the church newsletter, so maybe I'd better hold off on that.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, last Sunday I enjoyed the day with my family in IN. Gathering with most all of my immediate family, including my grandparents, was such a blessing.
Earlier in the day, we went to their beautiful rural church for Sunday worship. My dad, who happens to be the Song Leader there, posed a question to the congregation which has continued to resurface in my mind… “What if you invited me to your home for dinner today? You had set out your very best, and spent much time preparing a delectable spread. Meat, mashed potatoes & gravy and hot dinner rolls (tradition, right!) were on the menu. As I arrived and was directed to the table, I just sat and looked on. You asked if I was feeling well… 'Yes, it all looks so good.' But there was no participation.”
My Dad likened that simply analogy to how our Heavenly Father must feel at times. Whenever we come to the house of God, there is so much of which we can partake. His goodness and mercies are very evident and available! Jesus has the table spread!! He invites His chosen people come and dine!!
I must admit, there have been times after a service when I have reminisced by saying, “It’s all been so great!” However, there was somewhat of an empty feeling within, due to my present personal circumstances or whatever was weighing heavy upon my heart at the time. Maybe I missed finding my heart's real desire by my introversion.
On the flip side, I am thankful I have experienced those times of feasting with the King. It can take place at anytime/anywhere. I have known wonderful times of closeness with God at home at my little patio table outside (my quiet place when the weather's right). But there’s still something about the collective gathering of God’s people which I long for after a few days of being involved in the work-a-day-world routine. It's a place where you bring your hearty appetite. I bring mine. All the while waiting for the feast of all feasts… the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!


Cheryl Watters said...

What a beautiful reminder. Many times I am so guilty of going to church by mere habit and not having my cup right-side up. We need to be reminded of this and go to church expecting to participate and pull our chair right up to the Lord's table! I love your blogs. They're so insightful! Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,Your blog looks great!!!Love ya,Your Sis Crystal Smith